Joanne Handler


Preparing For Your Photo Session

Your photo shoot starts with a consultation to determine the direction of the session and address any questions or concerns. If you’re working with an agent, manager, publicist and/or casting director, we suggest that you notify them in advance of your shoot so that they may be included in the planning process and inform you of any specific session requirements.


What you wear can have a profound impact on your shoot. Put some thought into wardrobe. Here is what we recommend:

  • Bring a diverse variety of wardrobe options to your session.
  • Bolder, more vibrant colors work best, along with solid black or white. Avoid soft colors and pastels, which tend to wash out the subject.
  • If you go with a print or stripe, try to keep the graphic small or subtle. Large prints can be distracting.
  • Choose tops that bring out the color of your eyes.
  • Women, keep your neck line visible with scoops, v-necks, camisoles, tanks, and open button-downs.
  • For men, layering works great. Match a t-shirt with a blazer or light jacket, a tailored shirt, or a turtle neck.
  • Make sure your clothing fits well. Bulky, baggy clothes read as ‘sloppy.’ Also, try to be wrinkle-free!
  • Top it all off with a favorite hat.

Hair and Make-Up

Even if you have perfect skin, digital photography can exaggerate even a minor blemish. A Professional Photographic Make-Up Artist knows how to smooth out your skin, bring out your eyes, and ensure you look your best. Make-up is not there to overpower you, it is there to enhance you.

If you choose to use our Make-Up Artist, please arrive to your session without any make-up on. Please arrive with your hair “camera-ready.” Our Professional Make-Up Artist will provide any grooming or maintenance as needed. Please book our Professional Make-Up Artist in advance of your shoot. The fee is $175.00 for women and $125.00 for men, payable in cash.


Music is a very effective relaxation tool in the studio so we alway suggest our clients bring an iPod to their session. Don’t have an iPod? Forgot yours? Don’t worry. We have a variety of music available at the studio.